I am a symbolic, allegorical figure painter depicting my own mythology and ideology. It has been said that my paintings have a Shakespearean quality, darkness with a touch of wit or whimsy; which gracefully reveal what lies within our hearts. Often, my collectors want me to explain the imagery, and the stories behind them. On occasion I will explain their meaning , but I would rather the viewer think on what it symbolizes to them, how it touches them...I give the language and the viewers give the narrative. 

I draw my inspiration from my intuition, heart, and even sojourns to the local cafe. When I sit down to contemplate my next group of paintings, my books take me where I need to go. Kiefer, Beckmann, Chagal, Kahlo, Dubuffet, Clemente, Beuys, Nerdrum, to name a few; the pile is strewn across the floor and is immense. My main influences though derive from Flemish, Renaissance, and Medieval art. I also believe that in some way we carry experiences of millennia through our DNA; and that I have been given the gift to express those experiences. 

Ultimately, I hope when people view my paintings, they are taken "somewhere else", and may consider unspoken possibilities, question his or her own ideology, and their place in humanity.